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Escort in Prague / Good looking slim sexy lady in Prague 6th district

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salimas Novice 05.12.10 in 19:09

To everybody I can recommand Rinata, a slim, attractive and reaaaaly horny, kinky private lady. I visited her in her appartement near Dejvicka metro-station. No hurry, no "mind the watch, honey"... after my first cummimg I took a short break and on went the action! She is one of those unfortunatelly not many hookers who love their job.

you can use her in all three holes, also watersport etc is possible, roleplays, domination.

she is czech, living in austria i guess, but every month in prague for two weeks or so.

make an appointment or at least inform yourself before your trip to prague at

the infos are for vienna but go for prague too. Check out the mailadress on that web and simply get in touch.
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Anonymous 15.03.11 in 19:54

[email protected]
blonde cutie does all for you
prague and travel
salimas Novice 05.12.10 in 19:14

btw, she visitrs in your hotel as well
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Anonymous 11.12.10 in 18:19

she also offers bareback . so beware . i met her on thursday
Anonymous 12.12.10 in 9:18

always play safe with everybody, is the best policy don't you think.
Anonymous 13.12.10 in 19:41

yes allways were rubber . what happened when i met her i had a blowjob then we 69 she turned around so she was lieing on me
face to face we started kissing and she moved down a little took hold of my hard cock and tryed to slide on to it with
no rubber on . only my bellend went in before i told her to stop and get a rubber ... not good why did she want bareback ?
was the 1st time we met ... ??? did she want to give me something ???? make your own mind up.
Jack Jeebs Master 10.12.10 in 7:43

Thanks very much for this information.
It's guy's like you, sharing information, who make forums good!
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