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Escort in Prague / Disappointed "point of view"

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Anonymous 12.12.10 in 21:48

During my second trip in Prague I wanted try to arrange some date with few escorts.
I never had any problems to do such kind of things in my country or few other but I have to admit that even Prague is a wonderful city for lot of stuff, it is a big mess for this.
I heard a lot of time "Prague is the place where you have to be" but the facts: 1 day before my trip I am looking for few girls on the guide, on 99% of the pictures you can not see their faces but it appears normal in Prague...

By the way, you found a girls that you suppose nice after you seen their body and what still displayed of their hided faces.
Finaly, you try to send few emails and dial some phone numbers to know if you can arrange a date with the girls you've selected.
9 times on 10 the number is not available althought the profile is fresh! and when someone pick up the phone she say "XX is not available anymore you can meet another girl" or "I don't speak english at all".

About emails, I had 1 reply for 10 messages sent...
Indep girl said yes, will be available but confirm the meeting and what time early tomorrow.
Unfortunately, when I did she answers "sorry I am not in Prague but I will be there the next day...

Alone in my room, I spend more than 2 hours to try to get a date. None of selected ( almost 15!) escorts in Prague were available (no way to contact)...
Crazy, When I had an opportunity by hasardous circumstance I tried but the girl were ugly even she was kind. I paid and we just talked 1 hour...
What's going wrong in that place? Is it impossible to find some girls???
Spend the evening in a Pilsner Bar is nice but pity...
Anonymous 24.12.10 in 4:29
:))))) best service
Vic Novice 24.12.10 in 14:02

Is this girl Sandra for real?
Is she the girl that comes to the hotel?
So many agencies exchange girls.
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Anonymous 12.12.10 in 22:13

Hi. It would be nice if you can post your black list of Prague escorts phone numbers. It seems to be very useful.
Anonymous 02.02.11 in 19:42

you should have made your date with Rinata.
she is changing between vienna and prage, so you just have to contact her in time tzo make an appointment in prague.
recommand you to mail
[email protected]
she speaks german, english and italian.
Anonymous 03.02.11 in 16:26

As an expat living for 6 years already in Prague, I can just confirm what you said: Almost all escort ads are fake. There are very few excemptions and then it gets really expensive. Except for the expensive agencies you just have to be lucky to get what you want. Even with cheaper agencies that I have used for 5 or more times already, they would never stop trying to lie to me. It's just a pain...

To be honest I have no idea why it is like this. The city is full of hookers ("privates"), but nevertheless almost nobody cares for honesty and good customer relation. I guess it has something to do with the mentality of people living in a country which is surpringly corrupt, and where anybody tries to scam the other for some quick money....

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