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janus Master 23.01.11 in 22:02

I have been in Prague several times the last 2-3 years and have very good experiences using privates. But it is important to check first and I have been sending mails to the girls to do that. If you don't get any answers, they're no serious. Many times I have got nice answers with pictures which are not blurred - and the pictures are real. I'll go back to Prague in March and knows already whom I am going to see. And I look forward to some real hot sex. Some of my favourites: Marketka with mailaddress [email protected], Susan at privat Gabriela (I am sorry I can't find her name there at this time - anyone who knows if she is still available?), Bara at Sexy Slunicka and Jana GFE with mailaddress [email protected]>. All of these girls I first found here at; and they had in common - the pictures were real and the sex they offered was exactly what was written on the page.
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Anonymous 07.03.11 in 21:12

I totally agree on Susan from Privat Gabriela (if you find her again, would you mind letting me know where writing me at [email protected]?) and I will meet Jana GFE next week in my hotel.

Anonymous 08.03.11 in 8:18

Ram - is this the 'Jana GFE' you are referring to? Thanks.

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