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Escort in Prague / The Escort industry in the Czech Republic is based on lies and deceit and is poor value for money.

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Anonymous 24.02.11 in 22:22

As a frequent visitor to Prague I am always disappointed by the low quality of service within the escort industry in this country in comparison to that of London where I live. As examples, most of the photos on Escort agency websites do not correspond to those of the girls who turn up at your door.(This evening I noted on one website the photos of girls who work for London agencies, girls that I have seen myself. The photos have been 'stolen'. On another website they are using the same photos as 5 years ago when I first cam to Prague, only now with different names.)
The adverts generally always state that the girls can speak English when that clearly is not the case. In London it is generally possible to speak to the girl before you book her. Here when I suggest it you are almost laughed at. I encourage more honesty, openness and greater integrity in this country (no more lies). Please provide a better service.
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Anonymous 25.02.11 in 10:01

no all girls in Czech lie,in your country everywhere are fakes.
Anonymous 20.08.11 in 12:33

sure escort agencies don't allow u speak before with girl is normal they want their % comission

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