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Escort in Prague / Privat Golden Eye

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Anonymous 26.02.11 in 15:59

Has anyone been ripped off in Privat clubs or brothels in Prague? One particular place I know is called Privat Golden Eye - - who are a scam by lying about their services and rates. The women do not look anything like some of the pictures they show and don't even speak the English as stated on the site. Their madame or host, called Angela is rude, disrespectful and almost vicious. Unless you want to be ripped off and scammed, then don't ever try this place. A group of friends had a party here and they were conned out of 10,000 Kc. The women seemed cold and nothing like their description on their site. The host, Angela, is a con woman who lies about the service and takes your money.
Anonymous 26.02.11 in 16:21

Yeah, this place is quite bad. The women are ruse and they really give bad service. You have to spend a lot of money on phone calls to just vbook a visit. Angela, the host, is really ripping off people.
Anonymous 01.03.11 in 21:58

I tried this place and the woman called Angela was really ripping me off. Their prices are a lie and their woman do not do what they advertise. Stay away from Privat Golden Eye.
Anonymous 10.03.11 in 18:15

The girls don't look like the pics on their site and some are just plain rough and rude. It's a shit hole.
Anonymous 11.03.11 in 17:18

All private apartments in Prague are no good
jonjo Master 11.03.11 in 18:12

not true. I have been to many Privates and never had problem. Sometimes the girls are not what they advertise so I just leave and look somewhere else
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Jack Jeebs Master 12.03.11 in 18:56

Privates are good but sometimes you don't get what you see on the internet but sometimes it's better, luck plays a part.
I remember standing in front of an ugly piece of crap building thinking it would be another waste of time until I got inside and was introduced to 7 fine ladies and one that was ugly as hell but I did have a good time there, the girls were young and pretty, we had a lot of fun.
If you don't like what you see just go to the next one. Even the so called high end escorts turn out to be different from what they pretend to be on the internet.
Clubs are not all bad it's just that they promise more than what they have and it's absurdly expensive compared to what's on offer elsewhere in the same city. Are there pretty girls in Darling's, Sweet Paradise, Golden Eye, etc. of course, sometimes but why would I pay 3 or more times for some crap service when I can get a great time for less.
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Anonymous 19.08.11 in 15:50

ok golden eye
Anonymous 01.09.11 in 16:59

all girls use photos not real
Anonymous 21.05.12 in 20:01

none of this is true. I spent an evening there last year and not only were the photos real, the woman was nice and the prices were low. Afterwards, Angela specifically wanted to know if I was satisfied. Definitely, yes.

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