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Escort in Prague / Would like to meet submissive girl for bdsm

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Masterofnights Amateur 04.03.11 in 16:46


I'm looking for a girl i can use as my sex slave for a night. Would like to use her for several things like

Bondage whit chains and ropes.
Use toys and things on her oral, vaginal and anal
Zipper of clamps

Before we start there should be set up rules about how hard spanking and sizes of toys there can be used. And a safe word for stopping things.

I'm willing to pay a good price for a girl what will do some hardcore things.

Please let me know if your interested, or know someone who is.

Either here or on email [email protected]
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Anonymous 04.03.11 in 19:33

[email protected]
Proffesional In BDSM
Masterofnights Amateur 05.03.11 in 14:14

Since this girl only is a mistress. Is there any one else out there who are a slave girl?
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Anonymous 22.12.15 in 1:44

R u still in bdsm ????
Anonymous 09.04.11 in 12:57

Here is a girl I used to play with. She or her agency will not say she's a sub, but once you have her in the room, for some money she will to along. I used to play with her back in 2005 when she was a lot younger, she might have grown up a little, but she's a greedy girl and likes the money. She'll also book privately away from the escort service. Might want to do that. Her email is: [email protected]

Escort name: Helena
Porn Name: Simona Ross Bercova, Simona Sun

If you do torrents, you can find a good movie with her called "History of Torture" "Spirit of Emotion"

Once you get to know her better, ask her about her girlfriend Michaela, who is a brunette, and did a movie "Pain for Coin" under the "History of Torture" series.

Post back how it goes!

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