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Escort in Prague / simona bercova

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Anonymous 16.03.11 in 13:15

porn star for escort
[email protected]
Anonymous 09.04.11 in 13:09

I would recommend Simona. I had her several times a few years ago and she provides excellent service. She is an elegant and classy lady, and can dress the part for cocktails out if you like. If you book her, being clean and well dressed will impress her. She also appreciates a shaved cock and balls. If she is comfortable in the escort setting, she generally does OWC, CIM, COF, Anal, DP (toys or alternating ass and pussy), role play, and some light bondage and rough sex. Important to know is she is most comfortable in the larger hotels such as the Hilton or the is a more anonymous setting. Some of the smaller hotels it is a bit awkward. She used to be very expensive, but not sure now. Simona also has several girlfriends she can introduce you to. Only disadvantage of her, is she sometimes cuts the meeting a little short, or is a little bit businesslike before and at the end of the meeting. Now that she is over 30, however, I think she has learned more than when she was younger.

Please write back with your reviews!
Anonymous 23.04.11 in 0:57

yes cheaper than agency prices from her yes for 200 euros + she will do all need to pay her transport to prague 100 euros good body can book her here [email protected] or [email protected]
she also likes to travel europe/world yes u had her ha ha like all the world porn star model and escort angel/devil best u treat her good will do all then what u want when keep promises to her
Anonymous 24.04.11 in 17:17

I had her 6 months year ago, and I would not recommend.
It is not that she is not nice but just comparabe to any FKK and without social time (like previos poster said, too business-like. She keep on using her past "teen-like" porn history but aged. At the end, not bad but far from good
charonka Novice 12.07.11 in 10:52

i dont keep enymore my por history i am normal good woman 31 age who want meet [email protected] thanks simona
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Anonymous 14.07.11 in 8:02

olomouc-prague 100 euros for travel starting prices 200 euros -1 hour
Anonymous 09.09.11 in 15:37

simona +420722271679
Anonymous 21.08.11 in 15:29

hi, i to met simona and she introduced me to her friend called SELLY,i would like to see her again but i lost my phone and her contact numbers. can you help or advise please? charlie.
Anonymous 00.00.00 in 0:00

CREAMPIE [email protected] 2 girls anal +
Anonymous 05.09.11 in 20:10

you can find simona at

her agencies are
here are are her details

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