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Escort in Prague / Privates vs, Clubs

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PrahaMonger Novice 19.03.11 in 13:38

I have been going to Prague for 5 years. I have tried every method known for meeting the "working girls" of Prague.
FIRST, where will you stay? I never stay in hotels. I always rent an apartment in or near the center of the city. Most rental apartments are private and usually very safe and secure. MANY of the escorts would rather go to a private apartment than a hotel. Many hotels in Prague frown on guests arriving at late hours. Often security can be a problem.
If you are NOT experienced in finding girls in Prague, the best possible way to start out is in the Night/Strip Clubs. The best time to visit the clubs in Prague is after 10:00PM.
It is far more expensive to have a girl at a club in Prague, but you actually get to see and spend a few minutes of time with the girl you are going to have sex with. A lot of the night clubs have different procedures for meeting the young ladies. But, the basic principle is the same. The man comes in, looks around. takes a seat and a waitress will come up and take your drink order. When she brings your order to your table , she will usually ask if you would like some company? (It differs from club to club but basically is the same. Of course there are clubs that are the exception, but I will discuss that later.) It is best to sit a minute or two ... look around... don't jump at the first girl that catches your eye.
After you spot a lady you are interested in, ask the waitress to invite her to your table or just wave her over yourself. Believe me, they will be making eye contact with you. It won't be hard to get her attention on your own. Before asking her over, you may want to ask the waitress if she speaks your language. In my case it is English. Most of the girls in the clubs speak enough English to get by. It is important to be able to communicate with your new found love. Before you decide to "go to the room" you want to make sure you settle on services offered and the "special services" you have to pay extra for. Oral without, kissing, anal... in most cases EVERYTHING is extra. Settle this before you go to the room.
This is a business. Do not be shy about asking what you are going to get for your money. If the girl does not offer what you want, politely tell her you are not interested and tell her you would like to meet someone else. It is a business decision. Do not worry about hurt feelings. I assure you, it is not the first time this girl has been rejected.
Ok, let's discuss money. Clubs are expensive. Most clubs have their own websites and you can see what cover charges they have. Most websites list the prices of the time spent with one of their girls. As a rule you can count on spending between 2500 and 5000 CZK for one hour. Sweet Paradise being the least expensive and Darling Club being one of the most expensive.
Three basic things to remember ... location, location location. The closer the club is to the center of the city, the more you will spend. Darling Club is 500 ft. from Wenceslas Square. Sweet Paradise is 10 minutes by cab. 20 minutes by tram or metro.
You will save a TON of money if you learn the tram or metro system. Most of the major clubs in Prague are very close to a metro or tram stop. After midnight you will probably have to rely on a taxi. BUT, many of the clubs have their own taxi service.
Learn to get around Prague on your own and you will save a ton of money.
The difference I am going to discuss in the clubs in Prague is strictly my opinion. Like everyone, I am entitled to mine, the reader is entitled to their's.
I personally like K5. I have been going there off and on for 5 years. It is small and intimate. There is NEVER a shortage of pretty girls. It is pricey, but I have never had a bad experience at K5. Extacy Club is a newer club. It is north of the city center. Tram 9 will get you there. It is small and intimate. Usually 10 -12 girls.
Sweet Paradise is near Flora .... tram 11 or the red metro line. It is small, not as nicely decorated as the other clubs. But, I don't go there to inspect window treatments. On the weekend there will be 20+ girls to pick from.
There are clubs all over Prague. They open and close all the time. They resurface somewhere else, they change their name. Some are huge and some are very small. Some have as few as 5 girls. Darling club ... my LEAST favorite club in Prague, can have in excess of a 100 girls on the weekend.
Darling Club is my least favorite for one reason only. From the moment you walk in the door, you get the feeling YOU are the hunted. The girls are aggressive ... VERY aggressive. They have to be. There are SO MANY girls... The competition for them is fierce. I go there only for the spectacle of it all.
NOW .... I am not saying I have never spent time with a girl at Darling Club. I have on several occasions. BUT, I have left and gone somewhere else more times than I have chosen to "go to the room".
I have to add this about Darling Club ........ MANY OF THE GIRLS AT DARLING CLUB ARE SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN EUROPE. That beauty comes at a stiff price.

If you do meet a girl at one of the clubs and the two of you "hit it off". Don't be afraid to ask her if she would like to know you personally or privately. Do not do this until after the two of you have been together "in the room". Ask her if she would visit you in your apartment or hotel. Ask her if she will give you her number. Be discreet. She is definitely not supposed to give out her personal information.
I have met dozens of girls this way. As a matter of fact, I had a girl visit last summer. I brought her from Prague to the USA for a 3 week visit. It was one of the best 3 weeks I ever had. I met her the summer before in one of the clubs. We are still friends. She doesn't work in the clubs anymore but I see her every time I visit Prague. ( Czech passport holders do not need a visa to visit the USA)
You can easily sort out the keepers and the throw backs. Take them to dinner. Buy a small gift. Show them some attention and affection... you may be amazed with the rewards of your efforts.
When time permits I will write a little about the escorts and private apartments in Prague. You would be surprised at how many "privates" are not really all that private.
One hint .......... if you see a private you like .... do a google search of her phone number. Put the entire number in quotes and hit search. You will be amazed at how many hits you will get. "420 xxx xxx xxx"
jonjo Master 23.03.11 in 16:24

Great Post, agree with all you say. Personally I prefer a "Private" to a club. Went to Sweet Paradise for a change of scenery but to be honest not many girls when i went. I was early though ( 10pm )I will be in Prague in 10 days time and as you have obviously enjoyed K5, I may be influenced by your description and give it a visit.
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Myk Amateur 20.03.11 in 23:48

Great report. And I could not agree more with your observations and opinions. I too have been visiting Prague for 5 years, after my divorce. A friend recommended Prague and I love the place, especially the stunning ladies! I have encountered some good and bad luck with privates, clubs and escorts. World Sex Guide is great for reviews and information. I always stay in an apartment. However, I stayed in a hotel on my first visit, due to an escort who was going to show me Prague over a week-end. Long story cut short; after a few weeks of emails and phone calls, we met up. Sadly, she done a runner with the cash after a few hours together. I did get some of it back, but I did learn a hard lesson. Such is life! But, with every cloud, there comes a silver lining. My first night out in Prague started with visiting a few bars and ending up in a club called, 'Go-Go Paradise'. (The club is now closed down.) I met a stunning Czech girl and spent most of the night with her. I met her again on further trips, but the first night was amazing and truly unforgettable. I reckon I may have never met her, if the 'so-called' escort didn't do a runner.
The worst thing about Prague is the escort agencies with fake photos. I have experienced it a couple of times and never use ones with blurred photos. I have even emailed a few to ask if the photos are genuine or 'look-a-likes'. Very few have replied. I do realise that the ladies must remain discreet, but even some agencies use photos of UK glamour models! Also annoying is agencies that phone and say the lady cannot make it and they will send someone else. Classic 'bait and switch'. Now planning my next visit. I can hardly wait!
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Jack Jeebs Master 22.03.11 in 18:04

I agree with what's been said, I think Prague is like most places, once you get to know it better you can have good times there.
Good advice for Prague is to stay in touch with a couple of ladies build a kinda friendship with them. Once you get to know them they can surprise you.
Problem with escorts is that they tend to represent themselves better than they are and privates tend to not show you anything at all.
Best advice? If the escort is not what you asked for simply say no. If you don't like the private don't go inside or leave. Simple as that.
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Anonymous 02.02.14 in 5:26

I just visited Prague for a week on a banking conference. A former pornstar Lucky (Lucie) was my companion for the week. She was available for any sex I asked for. She shaved her pussy for me each morning and was very enthusiastic about my satisfaction.
My business host provided me a luxury apt off Wenceslas Sq. with a concierge, who obviously knew Lucie was my sexual companion for the week. On my recommendation, my bank made the deal with the client.
I have to be in Prague twice a year for one week to audit the firm we made the loan to. I look forward to my next session with Lucky and another girl Lucie Lee, who I haven't yet met in about five months.
Anonymous 03.10.15 in 13:07

I too have been to Prague and fucked Lucky. Her ass is getting a bit fat but she she was more than willing to do anal.

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