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Escort in Prague / WARNING against [email protected]

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brian Novice 10.07.12 in 20:51

she hate whats she is doing and she rip you of, leave when you are at sleep whit your money and pass, her phone nr ends on 299706
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Anonymous 21.07.12 in 19:05

and now little bit from the other side
We were talking about one week together in Prague, all the week. In the evening I came to his apartment (it wasnt hotel room but a house with locked door so really wasnt possible escape without his key), we went for dinner, talking, then we had sex in his room, but i really didnt like it. He wanted everything without condom, he was violent during the "game" and hit me two times. After this, i told him thats not my style, i was sorry, I took money for this one evening and said him goodbye and went away. He didnt sleep, he unlocked me the door, looked very angry. Thats all. And few days after he wrote this bad review. I have never stolen anything in my life, i always do fair play, like this time. I should took money for all the week before and then run away, but i didnt, and it was my who told him its better pay me every day, than everything before, and he agreed.
thats my version, i have a clear conscience, but i should create new email box because his review destroyed me and i have no possibility prove the truth.
brian Amateur 21.07.12 in 21:10

well guys dont belive this whore, dont use her services, she is a liar and a thief, prague is full of nice girls, use some from agency, club or lucy, ina, victoria, nicole, ria, they are all nice, dont waste your money ant with denny. without profile??? why??
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Anonymous 24.07.12 in 16:38

Hi guys

I met Denny in Prague end of march for a nice evening, she speaks very good english and she is a nice girl. We went for a dinner in a vegetarian restaurant and I can tell you that she has a good appetite and she loves wine :) I remember a good evening with a nice girl, and for me she was not as described with rude words here.

May Be I will call her again for a next trip.

Anonymous 28.07.12 in 9:48

Hi, i am from Russia and i met this girl 3xtimes, i cant say anything bad, she is very nice and friendly, good guide in Prague, good company for watching movies, talking about everything, she doesnt look like a bitch and i think Denny is very clever girl.
I just wanna write-i like this girl, I am sorry for Brians bad experience but its not reason why i dont meet her again. I dont belive she stolen something, she was in my hotel roo. With all my stuff and money and everything was on right place all the time. For me-she is good choice
Anonymous 02.08.12 in 23:12

hi, i`m meet denny in june, and I`have to say, that she is not a great escort, no, no, no think that`s the only word she have learn, find something better

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