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Escort in Prague / Very good escort

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Anonymous 11.07.13 in 11:57

I hired an escort called Michelle last week and she was awesome.

She turned up promptly and within seconds was initiating fun.

She was a cracker in bed and genuinely enjoys sex and pleasuring a man.

Defo recomend her if you want a good time whilst in Prague

Her email is
Anonymous 19.07.13 in 3:20

I was satisfied with Lucy , well, i am not very experienced with escort ladies. I can recomend her if you are looking for nice time, talking, going for dinner, she is smart girl and doing also good services in your bedroom. She is not professional (i prefer when girl looks like ordinary nice sexy girl then "sexy bitch" in high heels and too much makeup), and maybe this is why i liked her, i felt like with "girlfriend" or summer love.
aurelius Novice 27.04.14 in 7:38

Anonymous about Lucie...not professional is hard to argue, cause she's an old porno star from late 90's !!! and now do regular service of Private flat in Prague 9. At least, she takes cocks regularly in professional way from 20y. But I agree...she's nice, smart, cool and pleasant woman
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Anonymous 25.03.14 in 19:02

Michelle is incomparable, nice body with lovely curves. Very easy to find her via email and arrives on time. Very pleasant person and very energetic, gives attention and knows very well how to give satisfy to a man. She has the kiss of death and she also does excellent bj! She is not getting tired and spends every minute to give satisfaction. Highly recommended, top experience to fall in her hands (and not only)!!!

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