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Escort in Prague / Club Carla

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Anonymous 19.08.09 in 6:53

Anyone who has experience with the girls at Club Carla?

They seem very pretty - but also very cheap prices compared to other escorts / clubs?
Anonymous 26.09.09 in 12:45

They even dont answer any e-mail inquiries about girls. Last week I had been to aaa-club. What a fake, girls of pictures dont exist also.
Jack Jeebs Novice 27.09.09 in 14:17

I will post one thing about clubs in Prague (and anywhere else in the world for that matter). These clubs work with a strong rotation of girls. Some girls stay for 4-5 days only. Of course when a cute girl comes along they will take pictures of her and post them on their website because let's face it it's the cute ones that attract the men. Many people get disappointed when they can't find the girl the saw on the website. I went to club Sweet Paradise many times and never found the girls I liked best from their website (although some of the others were in fact there) but I did meet some really sweet girls from the ones that were there.
I don't go to the clubs anymore because it's all about business and money there. The privates still offer a nice experience and mostly for a better price.
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Anonymous 27.09.09 in 14:38

Yeh, you are absolutely right. I think clubs are good for stag parties etc. When your friends do realy need a lot of girls, strip dances and fun. But when you want to meet exact girl with true pics you have better chance with privates and independent girls.
johndoe Specialist 27.09.09 in 16:46

Have to agree - i always use the clubs to finish a night out in town. Good relaxing atmosphere while sorrounded by girls. But is is rarely i buy any services there anymore. You really need to know the girls well, to get a good service.
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Osborne Amateur 05.10.09 in 14:52

Gentlemen, you are absolutly right, the best solution are private apartements and private girls. We will take the next weeks to test about 5 to 8 places and we will publish in February a complete report about it. I hope it will be useful and help to avoid desapointed faces.
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johndoe Specialist 05.10.09 in 17:22

Great idea :-)
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Jack Jeebs Amateur 06.10.09 in 18:08

I will be in Prague in November doing exactly the same :) (I will be their on business during the adult expo) ... maybe we should start a thread dedicated just to privates that have been visited by members ... I think that would be very useful and would certainly give people a start in finding some good addresses. What do you think?
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Anonymous 07.10.09 in 13:38

Hello Jack Jeebs,
Yes, I think thats a great idea, for clients as well as for the girls, because if the eternal fake with images of girls, who finished working there in the last century will be over, a new beginning is possible. There must be an end with "clubs", showing off with a website like moulin rouge in Paris, beeing in reality some ugly place with the charme of a spare part storage. I also whould like to publish, that until now, a found nicer girls in privates than in club, because finally they finish earning more, working for themself in a private flat.
Anonymous 08.10.09 in 14:02

Yes, my friends the tester was there, and once again a horrible experience.There is not ONE single girl from the website in this club, almost nobody speaks english,the "Club" is below street-level,or better said below any level. When we asked about girls shown on the website,we became informed that those persons exists, but thats all. Water with lemon sold as martini for prices like the Ritz-Carlton. Friends of nice and amused evenings STAY AWAY! Beware and keep off this place with a charm of a garage or tool storage,where they finally try to rip you off.

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