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Escort in Prague / Paradise vs. K5

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Anonymous 06.10.09 in 0:17

To whom ever has experience/opinion:

Staying at Hotel Elite next week. Paradise has good and bad notes on boards. K5 reviews/trip reports always note better selection and service.

Which girls will Elite Hotel call? Paradise, K5 other?
What's the opinion on Paradise vs. K5... is there a another recommendation(s)?
Looking for a non-rushed experience...better in the club or at the hotel?
Paradise offers car service, hopefully without a big sticker on the car, what about K5?
45+ looking for a comfortable, non-rushed experience...

Looking forward to the trip
Jack Jeebs Amateur 06.10.09 in 18:03

It's hard to tell which one is best. They both have many girls, you just need some luck. I had some good experiences with Paradise and also with K5 so for me it's kinda even. They are mostly pretty discreet.
Nowadays however I don't rely on clubs anymore. I stick to the privates I know. Problem with the club girls/women is that it's business, mechanical, rushed.
Throughout the years I've been going to Prague I made some great contacts with some great ladies who don't even advertise anymore. They have their regulars and with them it's nice and easy, no clock watching, no trying to get you out of the door as quickly as possible, just a nice experience. So my advice would be to invest some time and try and find some good privates (if you have time of course) and then you get the good stuff :)

Just my two cents of course :)
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Anonymous 07.10.09 in 2:12

Thanks for the advice
Anonymous 07.10.09 in 13:47

Better try one from a private, like Jack suggested, it will cheaper and the girls a nicer. Good club-girls work in Munich, Salzburg, Frankfurt,Zurich,
Vienna,Berlin etc.,they left Prague for better Jobs. You maybe know, "The best went west".
There is amarsi,angels,and so on. Just look at the privates in the escort guide, you will be later happy to have it done.
Anonymous 07.10.09 in 23:22

Hey Jack and others.. Great advice... so anybody know Veronika seen on this site's home page? Also, if I get this correctly from other research, I get to Elite and girls will start calling my room or will they stop by? Seems it would be hard to choose with no pics.

Thanks again for all the tips
Anonymous 08.10.09 in 19:36

If I can give you one piece of good advice ... do your homework and get in contact with some girls before going. First of all you'll know what the price will be and second of all the girls that come to Elite will charge you extra for everything, give you mechanical fucking and try to get out as quick as possible. Arrange for a girl to come to your room on your own and You'll have a better time. Check here to find some good escorts or any of the many forums on the net and get into contact with them. Send some mails and get a feel for the girl.
Remember, there's no guarantees when it comes to this business ;)
and all I have to say about the girls promising the girlfriend experience is ... I never paid any of my girlfriends to have sex with me :)
Jack Jeebs Amateur 08.10.09 in 19:39

OK that last comment was by me but forgot to log in first :)
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Anonymous 09.10.09 in 2:42


Your advice is stellar and valuable. I have made contact with a few independents as you suggest. Certainly less investment, and seemingly more real. No clubs for me.... and I'll avoid those recommended, notified by the hotel.

You guys are great... any recommendations, personal experience from those listed on this site...welcome and appreciated. Thanks again.
johndoe Specialist 08.10.09 in 20:51

Hehe - you can actually get close to a GFE if you know meet girl for few times - but who is really looking for that?

I was in PRG this weekend and i was finding some ads in the Prague Post. 2 girls full service for 80 Euro. I did not have time to try it - but it seems to be a great deal to buy the Prague Post and use some of the ads from there - anyone having experience?
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Jack Jeebs Amateur 09.10.09 in 4:38

John, are you talking about Nikky and Tina? I have no experience with them.
For those interested in this offer, their number is +420 602 754 343 (not sure if they speak English though but then again there's only one way to find out ;) )
Oh and good tip about the Prague Post !
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