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Escort in Prague / Amarsi V.I.P.

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Anonymous 02.11.09 in 14:40

can someone tell me if ''misa'' realy works in amarsi v.i.p.?
Anonymous 02.11.09 in 16:24

hi.many times happen you see photo and than the girl doesn't work in that appartment. it happens for club and appartment. if you are interested in private service. write me what you are looking for.
[email protected]
Anonymous 04.11.09 in 8:39

Hi everybody, dont expect to find this girl, it only existed for a few moments to take her pictures. I was present in places like AAA or "Privat Karla" and so on,when tourists entered and left the place within 1 minute, after realising that its all a FAKE.These fotos only where made to make men go to those places. It is sad, but about 75 up to 80% of those pictres are FAKES. If you want osee a webside where 100% of the girls arereal try:,you wil be SURPRISED.
Good luck!
Anonymous 04.11.09 in 11:28

Hey You!
Woooow, thank you, thats amazing!!!!!!! In whole Prague I didnt see such a gorgeos place like this. It reminds me ARTEMIS in Berlin,which I visited recently. But anyway,prices in Viena are similar to Prague and Berlin now. I must go to GOLDENTIME when I join my friends in Viena. Thank you anyway.
Anonymous 05.11.09 in 7:22

Bravo, it was about time that somebody writes something usefull.I am saturated from the standard junk like how is or that girl,finally everyboy disapointed,because the girl does not exist etc. I was in Vienna 2 Months ago,and I was THERE, and me OZZZIE the tester, I tell you Octopussy, go there. Its like heaven.Forget the rest, 3,5 hours traveling are it worth.
Ozzzie O.
Anonymous 05.11.09 in 23:29

Gentlemen, very interesting. The first time that so many people put theire opinion. I live in Prague and I am observing whats hapening. Yes. If some persons think that it is wrong, but this oktopusy is right. AVANTI! I am italian, and I think your sistem is a shame. Roberto

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