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Escort in Prague / My Prague Visit

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Anonymous 06.04.10 in 19:41

I was visiting Prague 24-26 of march. I stayed at the Hotel Ariton Patio witch turned out to be a very nice place. The reception is on the other side of the street so if you have a "friend" visit your room it is no problem at all. This was my first visit to Prague and I was very satisfied.
I visited a couple of places and here are my reviews:

Sweet Paradise on Slezka 75. I came there around 2:00pm and was welcomed by the doorman. No entrance fee or anything like that. Sat down at the bar and had a beer and a pack of smokes. Payed just over 120czk. The girl in the bar gave me a guide to the place with prices and so and asked me if I wanted to have the girls come and present themselves. I sure did. They were very polite and I fell for one named Eva. She was 30 yrs old, 165cm I think and average weight. What a girl. We had a room with jacuzzi for one hour. The price was 2800czk including a bottle of house "champagne". It wasa memorable time and she was very friendly and spoke very good english. She is normally working only weekdays during daytime but she is really nice and good at what she does. The atmosphere at the club is very nice and the girls are not pushing you.

Club Victori on Seifertova 39. Met a skinny girl there. 35 yrs old. And my god she was the best, I thought. hehehe. 2500czk for the hour. Nice personality and very good performance.

Privat Monica. Gutova 17.
I called here and the phoneoperator didnt even speak english. I thought I go there anyway and I did. It was great. I was welcomed my an 40 yrs old woman and got a little confused.But she showed me to a room and tried to explain that she would bring the girls. The first one that came in was ok, maybe a 7point. But the second one, My god. she was 10/10. Her name was Lucka. 20 yrs, 170cm and a perfect body. She made me cum 3 times within 1.5hrs. She was totally amazing. She knew exactly how to treat a man. And the prices there are the best I have heard of. 2000czk for 1,5hrs. Unlimited orgasm and the girls really try to give you as many as possible. Clean and nice place. I am definently going back there again.

So, does anyone have any tips on where I should go this time? I am going back on 20 of april again. Please let me know. And if you gave any questions. I will be glad to try to help you. My email is: [email protected]
Anonymous 06.04.10 in 19:59

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Moderator Master 08.04.10 in 21:08

would you let me know please why?
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Anonymous 06.04.10 in 20:00

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