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Anonymous 20.10.08 in 16:12

Any recomendations? Planning two evenings in clubs Prague. Can't choose. Can someone recommend clubs Prague?
Anonymous 21.12.08 in 16:46

For me the best club in pague is Sweet Paradise: not a lot of girls like at the Darling Cabaret but cheaper and the service is the best very very nice girls and very quality service
Jack Jeebs Master 20.08.10 in 6:13

Sweet paradise is much nicer than Darling's. You can relax here. Have a drink and choose a girl.
Darling's is a money machine and most of the girls are not Czech. Very pushy!
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Anonymous 20.08.10 in 7:48

And........ in sweet paradise all girls are Czech haha. Darling and Hot Peppers is a best one in Prague
Anonymous 20.08.10 in 16:24

I didn't write that m8! It was just an observation. Of course the girls in Sweet Paradise are not all Czech either.
All I know from experience is that at Darling's the women are much more pushy, they come to your table over and over even when you say no.
The beer is absurdly expensive compared to other places. They have however some of the best looking women.

Like always it depends on what you're looking for.
PrahaMonger Master 20.11.11 in 19:41

Try Sexy Sauna. It is across the street from darling Club. Expensive to enter ! 1500 CZK. You enter, get a locker, take your cloths off and put on a clean, full size bath robe. Then go out to the club area for a great time. There are at least 12- 20 girls every night that roam around topless. They do NOT pressure you or hassle you. You can invite them for a whirlpool or a suana and there is no charge. There are have numerous big screen TVs showing porn and live sporting events. There is an all you can eat food buffet that is very, very nice. You pay only for your drinks. Non alcohol drinks are free. If you see a girl you want private time with , it is 1600 CZK for 1/2 hour.... 3200 CZK for the hour. All in all it can make for a great night. You can stay as long as you like.
Anonymous 03.12.11 in 18:02

all this mentioned club are for tourist or one-night spend...girls are goldiggers and treath u like a man that never had seen pussy! If u are in Prague for short-time as a tourist ok. But, at least, if u have some money to spend and u want good time and a good souvenir from Prague, TRY: K5 or atmosphere, best girls,luxury ambient and the price ( average the other mentioned club...) compenses the rest!

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