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Escort in Prague / Why is the escort service in this city so much like shopping at the cheap supermarket?

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Anonymous 21.10.10 in 22:42

I come to Prague often and from time to time seek some company. Invariably I make the same mistake of contacting an Escort Agency. When asking about the prices you are presnted with a shopping list for the various services you would like. My final question is always "does that include VAT?". Why is there not one price that includes everything? This evening an escort came over (from the independents on this site) and in spite of me asking on the phone was 'kissing' included in the price with the answer 'Yes', it was a different story when she arrived. It suddenly was an extra. I sent her away after 5 minutes, she was reeking of tobacco smoke and chewing gum. (this cost me 2000kr). I do not need to be told that I am a lonely old fool.
Finally why do these girls need to take a shower when they arrive and then again when they leave? This for me is a real puzzle.(maybe it is to get rid of the tobacco smoke)
Without doubt my whole experience of escorts is far better in London where I live. Generally what you are told is what you get.
I really hope that there is someone nice out there in Prague who can persuade me otherwise.

czechvisitor @
Anonymous 22.10.10 in 0:19

2000 is little money if u want something special, no tabac woman
Anonymous 22.10.10 in 12:34

Her charge was actually 3500Kr, but I demanded 1500kr back.
Anonymous 22.10.10 in 0:20

2000 is little money if u want something special, no tabac woman
pbabes Master 07.12.10 in 4:12

Try our agency
No menu, no chewing gum, no smoking when you request it.
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Anonymous 07.12.10 in 10:27

it is your problem, because you pay 2000czk. Its no normall, if you want best qualitty
Anonymous 09.12.10 in 18:56

you want something for nothning my friend. This doesnt work in life...

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