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Foto +420 722 615 208
Telefon: +420 722 615 208
Skutečné jméno:Denisa
Dostupnost:Pouze Incall
Část obce:Praha 2
Stanice metra:Můstek, Muzeum, Náměstí Míru
Prsa číslo:5
Velikost oblečení:36
Číslo obuvi:39
Věkové omezení:18 (ne mladší než)
E-mail:[email protected]
Profile ID:529
Foto ověřěno:
I m not girl from club or agency I m open mind independent girl, incall if you reserve my time. ./ like relationship- french kissing, swallow, CUM, for couple, visit swingers club, dinner date, fun, etc. possible in my in luxury app. /very close to centrum in luxury area. I am a friendly, young lady with shiny blond hair nice silicon breast size 5. and figur and smile. .
am 29years old. Im flexibile, independent, . .I can show you Prague and interesting place, go with you to nice restaurant, club, etc. In the past I was given to photo model and sport dress promotion. When I have pleasant meeting, I
feel relaxed and enjoy. And then you can feel my naturalness.
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Podobné profily
29.06/09 NikeNováček
I am coming to Prague in Aug. Are you willing to meet me? Pls give me your price. I am an Asian [email protected]
08.08/09 anthony22Nováček
Hi Denisa ,how much is an apointment with you ?
09.11/09 AleksandrNováček
Прекрасная дебушка!одним своим видом,она вызывает огромное желание!очень хочется сделать ей куннилингус.
08.02/10 yellowsunNováček
very sexy
30.03/10 poopdeckNováček
I think you should join a beauty contest. And I would accept to live and to die by your side. I will dream of you until the day I close my eyes forever... You are the most beautiful girl,I have ever seen in my life. It is very nice to be friends with you.

It makes me very happy. You look so beautiful and wonderful that I spend all my time looking your photos. And I cannot hide my adoration of you............ I will dream of you until the day I close my eyes forever. You are very beautiful, my dear. It's impossible not being impressed by you. Your boyfriend is very lucky.

[email protected]
17.04/10 andrelonSpecialista
I just had a lovely 2 hour date with Denisa, she is very sweet, funny and also great in bed :)
I highly recommend her.
17.06/10 oscNováček
Hi please send me your rates. I will be in prague on the 17 of june. [email protected]
25.07/10 supernickNováček
hi my name is Nick I will be in Prague mid August please send me your rates
25.07/10 supernickNováček
sorry its nick again email add [email protected]
08.08/10 mad4671Nováček
Hello sweety!!! I will be in prague from 20th to 25th and I am looking for some fun! Would you be available ? I'm looking for GFE, french Kissing and Cum in Mouth. Please reply to [email protected]
14.08/10 MarioNováček
I will be in Prague on 16th and 17th August and I would like to meet with you
Can you send me your rates please
08.10/10 BIGNováček
im coming to prague after 10 days, would like to meet you
can you please send me the rates
[email protected]
19.11/10 firiMistr
Hi, Please send me your rates , i will be in prague from 24 to 28 novmber .thanx ( [email protected] )
03.11/11 ThomasWNováček
I met Denisa in Prague, and i confirm the right comment.
She Very beautiful, great body , very Kindly and good personality. Clever, beutiful and syphatic lady.
I spend a very good evening with her, nice happy time, she spoke very good english about all kind of things all night, we visited party, her luxury sure luxury flat after the best bar in prague and disco Iwas suprised.. think i see only her for my next time in Prague, sure.
09.11/11 eventerNováček
Very fine girl, perfect breasts of top quality, knows to use them and down there, beautifully tight. Sensitive, spontaneous personality and takes care about time to be enjoyed. Truly recommended.

Velmi prijemna divka, perfektni silikony nevyssi kvality a vi, co s nimi. Zaroven dole nadehrne uzka. Citliva, spontanni osoba, ktere zalezi na tom, aby si klient uzil. Mohu jen doporucit.
20.01/12 RocckyNováček
Had a very nice time with her! She was for everything, not just sex but real sensitive girl which know how to make good for body, not only this..great time over the Prague, she s great driver by car and horses!! I never saw woman like her, if we drunk her collegue make very cheap than taxi only for us, seriously, he picked up me and return, was in time, friendly. Her offer to make y good time and save money for better things, she s so clever and best what can make her happy is not dress, expensive bag but help her animals and others also. She is happy when she saw that others are happy too. See y soon my sweeties....never believe that so nice girl is so independent and has really good idea and opinion about life. She knows whats about is life...
07.02/12 John1212Nováček
My fantasy girl Denisa in Prague I was so surprised !I visit her luxury flat. She is totally different that girls which offer make love. She is so intresting lady with great figur,eyes,lips and tits, hair so lovelyI I read rewieuw about her before - she is sweet and tidy so nice make love with her- its true. She spoke very fluently English about a lot of things, she sure study and understand and also can speak about psychlogy in Engl.! love animals and take care about all and also more beautiful and nature than is on photos!!!
07.02/12 John1212Nováček
I wanted spend one hour maximum, but she is so nice and friendly, totally relax, she has normall work, sports, her life have sense.
She is not girl for sex only.Denisa was so exciting, so sensitive, not actor! She felt and make me crazy and I stay all evening, expensive but she can want much more money - I hope I ll visit her each month what I ll be in Prague again. She helped me with take over to Prague, take me to theathre, restaurants, clubs - good choise, she love sweet- not diet, send car for pick me up, its number one, her boyfriend will be happy with her..i m from outside, Denisa..if y want..we can live together, think about that pls.!!!!!! I ll take care about you, pls dont forget..try make change opinion...Iwant y not for body only!! Many kisses............
26.02/12 fredyxNováček
She is so beutiful and friendly girl, looks more better than photos, I spend all day with her, she is more expensive but can want more!
I was totally surprised how she speak about all things in Englsih, very very sexy, can be decently outside, and top sexy in room..
28.02/12 lansxNováček
Denisa..I ll come only to meet y, if I ll come to Prague, you was so so kidnly, beutiful girl with great figur..
beutifull lips,eyes,tits..see you soon my dream
29.02/12 xxmaldonNováček
My blonde dream...very sexy, fun and make love with her ..ohhhhhhhhh
06.03/12 galejNováček
The best girl which I visited in Prague-now is she the n.1
totally TOP VIP GFE
09.03/12 detsaoNováček
Many kisess..I ll come again next time only you!!!
16.03/12 sanajNováček
Many greetings for a great weekend with you! I was so surprised and with y is Prague so nice---kisses
19.03/12 levapoNováček
I was with her many times..she is the best for me, I dont need other!!!love Denisa
11.04/12 JanchezNováček
Top GFE girl what I met!
01.06/12 x-mannNováček
GFE-smart,beauty..the best lady in Prague for me
more money but I was happy and fun
24.06/12 slaveNováček
krásná, vtipná i chytrá..krásný víkend s touto slečnou..
06.07/12 andrew3Nováček
Great time and celebrated her birthday..she looks like a dream, very young but smart, sweet and friednly and fun...your boy will be happy, yhis is not work for y my girl..believe me, y re so different..thx for the best time in Prague with Y..come to visit me,pls!!!!
21.09/12 antonioyxNováček
my sweetie thank y for so great hours and beautiful evening
I was wondering and see y time let me know your wish..I ll bring what z like and what make y happy I know all that like each other girl.. y re so diferrent not beauty only..
25.11/12 stuNováček
amazing, friendly girl, smart and very sexy body...again in Prague with y lady!!
15.02/13 nick 32Nováček
Amazing girl with top body.Lips and nice smile, very friendly She s for fun all night,smart lady and her boobs..see y next time!!!
23.03/13 mickNováček
amazing lady for my weekend in Prague, many kisses Denisa
28.05/13 manmenNováček
nice sexy lips make me the best blowjob!! she really know how to do, elegant and sexy smart girl for all weekend or night..Denisa I invite y to Cyprus ASAP thx for
11.07/13 sodiniNováček
my dream and fantasy was with Denisa - top figur,breast,lips,the best blowjob- I met her in luxury appartment, really friendly and smart..thx Denisa
12.08/13 inky_coupleNováček
Hey you;-) , I am interested to meet you August 20 to 22 in Prague, possible few times. I am especially interested in 3som with my wife. Let me know your availability and prices. A. Please contact me via e-mail. Thank you. Kisses. [email protected]
06.09/13 daniel7Nováček
I was looking for good GFE last week.
Denisa looks great, the best blowjob and smart lady for events
next time in Prague Denise se y again
20.09/13 stan3Nováček
Yesteraday evening with Denisa was wonderful, sexy and fun . Charming ,unpretentious and easy going with a perfect great slim body and an open mind if you know what I mean . A nice luxury high quality mexican dinner was followed by a hot , sweaty night..... Prague is my favourite city also for beautyful women like Denisa..kiss Stian
31.10/13 MihayNováček
Being in Prague for a business trip, I planned to spend two hours with this beautiful girl...But I ended up spending two nights with her...And I would have spent more if possible.She charmed me and I had no escape.
And not only with her nice body but with her gorgeous mind.She is smart, spontaneous, loving, sexy, educated, sensitive, best girlfriend and not finally a friend.That kind of friend that you will like to have with you all the time.
She tries to make everything in that way that you will feel good and relaxed in her company. She is also an animal lover and this makes her a much wonderful person.She knows good places in the city and she is a good companion anywhere.
I never expected to find such a beautiful person inside a beautiful body.The only thing I disliked was that I had to leave...I will not forget you sweet girl and I will be a happy man if you will want to have me around next time I'll be in Prague. Thank you girl!
30.12/13 mick38Nováček
Dear Denise, thank you for great Christmas time with you.
Im very happy that y was free and I wish you Happy New Year and hope see you soon again if I will be in Prague. You are not girl with fantastic body only but with sense of your life and so beauty inside also. I m apologize that I cannot stay for celebrate New Year Eve s with you.
01.02/14 bryannNováček
... crazy, exciting overnight..and three hours!!! amazing
deepthroat blowjob what I never had before - never forget also your smile and body and really opoen mind:-) see you again ASAP
17.02/14 eduardNováček
Hello Denisa, thank you very much for nice time, you have fantastic body, tits amazing but blowjob, deepthrout was the best
I had very fun overnight and hope you too..see you ASAP
25.02/14 eduard50Nováček
thx for this escort guide sites with comments its help me have the best choise
this beautifull girl, really great deepthroat, prostate massage and her flat is comfortable, close centrum no club and Denisa was the best choise for me try to all and anal sex also. Denisa I wish you good luck and thank you for nice time together. Eda
07.03/14 pietroNováček
This afternoon I spent with Denisa and I can tell you that Denisa is real, nice, pleasant, funny ... it was with cheerfulness and relaxation. I can only recommend (I saw many other girls and she is really different and really beautiful ladies )She has very fit body, she do really wellness and good personality and in bed she is gorgeous. Fluently English, really open mind! Take care hope see you as soon as possible if I will be in Prague again.
05.04/14 michaell519Nováček
Denise it was amazing overnight better than Im looked for..kisess
05.05/14 jerrymannNováček
Many greetings Denisa I m back from Prague Never forget your great body, crazy overnight and the best blowjob what I bad you re amazing and very sexy and funny when we visited music club.
Good luck, Denisa!! Jerry
20.05/14 chrisswiss643Nováček
Lovely Denisa. Thank you for your companion on my bussinestrip
and really I m 50 y old and never had so great blowjob before.
I felt like in paradise with smart lady with amazing body,lips and smile and lovely p..y!!! a lot of fun also the best night in Prague with you.
Next visit I hope you ll be free and see you again!! Chriss from Switzerland
06.09/14 Peter1Nováček
Hi Sweetie, was wondering weekend with you.. I was glad that you really like food and my choise good quality cuisine and eat a lot and still have perfect body I love you lips, p...y and boobs!!..funny, crazy, lovely days in Prague..I always enjoy my time with a good looking young lady who really has a lot of class...all the best wish Pete
11.11/14 andy1Nováček
Georgeous time together. If you want a beautiful time and cool lady, georgeous body to spend time with do not hesitate to call Denisa. Thank you for sharing your time. No uneasy feeling here. Just relax, fun also and let it flow. Don't turn the page she is waiting for your call if you are a respectful man. She will give you a night to remember. Happy hours and sexy nihgt and fun!! See you soon if I ll be back in Prague!! Kisses Denisa
03.01/15 daniel1Nováček
you are wonderful compliment! Fabulous body and girl with brain Happy New Year Denisa
09.04/15 analonNováček
Sweet Denisa I was surprised your companion for weekend with me in Prague. You re hot and luxury GFE i recommended. face is more beauty than pics!
Funny night party time, super sex with so sexy body and lovely tits and tight pussy with a lot of staff,c :-) you are very friendly and really the best time what I ever had. Good luck hope see you soon on July
16.04/16 James14Nováček
Denisa keeps her body in good shape...
21.04/16 EberNováček
Nice girl, not fat or saggy. You can tell she is good, so she knows all the tricks.
21.04/16 OliverNováček
Denisa brought her friend as we had agreed, and they gave a great lesbian show. Nice session, I actually prefer the friend, cannot remember her name. Denisa is a good at what she does.
14.05/16 ViggoNováček
Denisa is very nice girl.
23.06/16 RonnyNováček
Denisa was a very nice girl.
26.06/16 johny2Nováček
With this Miss I met several times in Prague, last week in my home country Germany. I am a businessman to travel frequently, often use these services across Europe.
Denisa is one of my ten favorite. Normally I am not accustomed to write reviews, but this lady I reccomend all those who need a pleasant company. That's about all I can say.
08.07/16 jimmy12Nováček
really high class! She can ask for for money its lovely lady and very nice companion I enjoy a lot i paid extra because I want all was included service very good how is on webpage nice to meet you sweet heart Jimmy
09.08/16 thomas0Nováček
i was glad met really beauty Denisa in her luxury appatment sexy lady nice companion with champaigne enjoy a lot
16.08/16 wolfi777Nováček
hi i met her 2 weeks ago and i love her kissing and blowjob what a girl need to have her again
21.05/17 thomas12Specialista
i tried more girls from this site but Denisa is the best beauty lady with big breast and nice body i love her eyes
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